Our new video series Uplift is available now

 This stimulating series of 8 videos introduces the musical element of pulse and continues to develop rhythm skills via body percussion, chair and junk drumming. With its simple to use teachers pack, it provides energising brain breaks and extension opportunities.  Uniquely, all activities are classroom based without the need for any musical instruments.

Purchase for £45 plus VAT


Feel the pulse and move to the groove

Feel the pulse and move to the groove

UPLIFT - there is absolutely NO replacement for an Upbeat music project but Uplift series 1 is a great supplement.  


UPLIFT - has been designed for use by whole classes of 6 to 11 year olds in the comfort of their classrooms without the need for instruments. 


UPLIFT - is truly flexible for school, home or blended learning.


UPLIFT- complete with accompanying teaching pack designed to be simple to understand for non-specialists and full of extension activities for learners.

Please fill in the contact form below if you wish to purchase Uplift Series One for £45 plus VAT and we will send you an invoice.  

You will be sent a link to the digital downloads by e-mail.  

CPD for teachers

With the Expressive Arts recognised as an area of learning in the 'Curriculum for Wales, a curriculum for life' it is essential that all teachers have knowledge, understanding and ability to plan and deliver cross curricular projects. Our MD, David Powell has also produced an online strategic course with Huw Duggan of the Right Learning Company which is available to view and purchase here

Additionally, Upbeat is able to offer full day, half day or twilight music and dance training for teachers.  Our training is fully hands on and great fun just take a look at the video below.

Please contact us for further information.